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A Cause for Celebration

Not only is it start of Spring Break for some of our interstudy programs, there also seems to be plenty going on in South Africa this weekend.

Sunday, March 21st is Human Rights Day across the country. This day has been set aside for South Africans to recognize their rights and ensure that prior abuses won’t happen again. In 1996, President Mandela, in a statement on Human Rights Day, said: “21 March is South African Human Rights Day. It is a day which, more than many others, captures the essence of the struggle of the South African people and the soul of our non-racial democracy. March 21 is the day on which we remember and sing praises to those who perished in the name of democracy and human dignity. It is also a day on which we reflect and assess the progress we are making in enshrining basic human rights and values.” (local radio station)

Saturday, March 20th is also the first annual Cape Town Carnival. Running all day long, the carnival includes concerts, a parade, and parties. Not to mention its FREE!

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