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Alumni Spotlight: Leaving a Lasting Mark

Many students who study in South Africa go there with the intention of volunteering in some capacity. Whether it’s at a local orphanage, or a clinic in a neighboring township, the opportunities in almost all of interstudy’s program locations are plentiful. Many times universities have clubs or student run organizations that have established lasting relationships with local areas in need, and it is this sustainable, or continuous aid which is most helpful. While studying at Rhodes University, 4 of our interstudy alums made a big impact, and ended up leaving a lasting mark not only on a local community outside of Grahamstown, South Africa, but also in a grocery store near you.

Recently, Aimee George, an interstudy alum, had an emotional trip down the cereal aisle. It’s not often that Wheaties could bring a person to tears. If that box contains a picture of the students your volunteered with, it just might have that effect. Aimee, along with fellow Gettysburg College Alumni, Anna Springer, Stephanie Bonnes, and Andrew Stitson, were all part of a project called “Win One Give One” sponsored by General Mills. All over the world, the project gave laptops to communities in need. The goal was for volunteers to find a way to encourage the use of these computers in a way that was sustainable for the community. For a group of South African children outside Grahamstown, South Africa, this may have been their first exposure to using computers and exploring the internet. General Mills was so impressed with Aimee and her colleagues’ work, that they chose the Grahamstown project to spotlight on their national campaign! Now, these children can be seen on cereal boxes across the country, and on this website: Win One Give One.

Congratulations to Aimee and friends for this fantastic recognition and for the work they did during their time in South Africa. It is Aimee’s hope that this project will continue with future students who study at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, please contact us at

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