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Alumni Spotlight: Career Focus

Studying abroad with interstudy offers the opportunity to experience new cultures, travel to new places, meet new people, and of course study at an international institution along host country students. On top of all of this, you can also gain new skills and advance your upcoming career. One returned interstudy Alumni, Veronica Marcelo, was able to take advantage of all of these opportunities by participating in an internship with CBS World News in London while studying at the University of Westminster during the Fall of 2009.

Veronica was thrilled to get the call before her departure to London telling her that she would be working with CBS World News. There couldn’t have been a better fit for the Communications major. When she started the internship, she was determined to stand out as a valuable asset to the company as she worked on transcribing interviews, researching newsworthy topics, and acting as an assistant producer for the network. Though she may not have traveled as much on the weekends, Veronica said the extra time she put into her internship was worth every minute. In the end, she gained a great recommendation that led her to another internship upon her return, and she was able to see what she liked (and didn’t like!) about journalism. She plans on pursuing a career in children’s media upon her graduation from Washington State University.

To make this internship happen, Veronica worked closely with the staff here at interstudy and the University of Westminster. The staff at the University of Westminster works with each student to find a placement that most closely matches his or her interests. Contact our Boston Office for more information on internships in the UK.

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