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109 Days

It is officially 109 days until I leave my home & country to live in Ireland for about 3/4 months. Wow. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland yet my reasoning- unexplainable. I’m not Irish in ethnicity but I definitely am at heart and I’ve always felt that some part of me was over there, thus my dream to visit. Now, through Interstudy, I will not only be fulfilling my dream but expanding upon it by living there and attending school. Wow. How many people can say they made one of their biggest dreams come true at the age of 19?! Can you tell I’m excited?- ha just a “wee” little bit. But that doesn’t mean I’m not nervous too. For the first time, I will truly be alone which is really hard to grasp, considering how close I am with my dad, especially now since I only go to college 25 minutes away. It’s all the little things I’ll have to do alone that make me nervous- navigating through the airport, consulting with university staff, moving in, grocery shopping, and getting around town. But I know that going to Ireland will bring about that independence I need. And I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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