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Five days until I am boarding the red-eye to cross the pond. Over the past few weeks I have accumulated quite a few tips and bits of advice from my friends and family in their efforts to prepare me for my three months abroad:

“You won’t need shorts. People don’t wear shorts in London.”

“Don’t ask for a ‘bathroom’. Over there it’s called a ‘washroom’”

“This is schnitzel, Taryn. Try it. You’ll have to eat it all the time… Wait, where in Europe are you going again?”’

Even with all of this help, I’m still a little nervous about the semester ahead. How difficult is public transportation exactly? Is London as complicated as the Google map makes it look? Do people really not wear shorts? Then of course there are those problems I don’t even know enough to be worried about, the kind that blindside you on some random week night. But that’s why I’m studying abroad. I want to be able to answer these questions for myself through personal experience.

Not to mention my dad recently showed me an article from the Harvard Business Review that mentioned people who have had abroad experience tend to perform better on creativity tests than those who did not. Whether or not that ends up applying to me, I could not be more excited to spend my fall in England meeting new people and learning about the culture. Though higher test scores would be a nice plus.

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