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Ready to Revel in “Rebel County”

**I wanted to make a note of the “Rebel County” because through research, according to, Cork is known as the “Rebel County” due to the high level of rebel activity in the county during the War of Independence and the subsequent Civil War.

No one would believe the amount of details required to study abroad, but each time I can check something off my list I have the understanding that I am that much closer to reaching my destination of Cork City in Ireland. Packing alone is a giant task I feel I will never overcome. Trying to remember every little item and necessity is almost an impossibility. So as a joke I have decided that packing myself might just be the simplest solution. Realistically, however, I feel as if I have almost finished creating my list of things to bring, and I know that it will all get done, only because it has to.

I have to admit, I have very high expectations for my trip. I hope to build bonds with many different people from both my program and locals as well. I want to travel as much as possible within Ireland and I would like to plan a couple trips to various destinations in Europe as well. And something I would greatly value while being abroad is to meet family that currently lives in Ireland; I’m aware that have many cousins still living in several counties throughout Ireland. There are many events that will be special on this trip but I know the experience of meeting family could be the most valuable to me.

With everyday that passes I get more and more anxious, I have so many different emotions about traveling abroad. I feel nervous, sad, scared, but hopeful, optimistic, and eager! All I know is that while in Ireland I will experience many new things and embark on opportunities I never thought possible and the anticipation for all this to happen is almost unbearable. The process of preparing to studying abroad has been challenging, however I know that every struggle will be worth the adventure!

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