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Sundays in Shoreditch

It’s hard to say this is my favorite thing about London, because I have so many favorite things, but there’s something really wonderful about all the open markets on weekends in various neighborhoods. It brings a sense of comradery back to the fast-paced city life. There are so many weekend markets, too. There’s Borough Market, the best for cheeses and specialty foods, the Camden Markets for vintage clothes and shoes, and Portobello Road market for antiques. But my absolute favorite weekend market, and perhaps my favorite attraction in the city is the Sunday Up market on Brick Lane in Shoreditch. Every Sunday hundreds of vendors transform a huge parking garage into a bustling collection of craft, vintage, and food stalls. While I never fail to find a quirky piece of jewelry, or a one of a kind piece of artwork, the reason i keep going back is for the food. Oh my goodness is the food delicious. It is perhaps the most varied and delectable collection of foods I have ever had the pleasure of deciding between. On my first trip (I try to go back every Sunday) I decided that I could never choose the same thing twice. There’s just too many things to sample. They have vegan Ethiopian, numerous curries, Spanish delicacies, Chinese dumplings, Turkish kabobs, authentic Pad Thai, the most delicious Japanese vegetable pancake thing I have ever tasted, crepes, Belgian waffles, smoothies, and probably much more that I’ve never even noticed. This is the benefit of living in one of the most multicultural cities in the world; The food absolutely rocks. Every time I have a visitor staying in London, I make very well sure that I take them to the Sunday market at Brick Lane. It is an experience. There’s something about the way the soul music playing in the background mixes with the smells of a thousand different foods and the crowds sifting through boxes of vintage scarfs that makes me really happy to be part of this city, even if it’s only for a little while.

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