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Dia huit! Bienvenida! Bonjour!

In the four months that I have been abroad, I have had the opportunity to see and experience many places throughout Europe. I have walked among the rolling hills and breath taking mountains of Ireland. I “segwayed” my way through the streets of Granada in Spain, and I have even been underneath the streets of Paris to walk through a kilometer of catacombs filled with thousands of skulls and bones. Sometimes it was stressful booking tickets, or getting to whichever station on time. Other times it was relaxing whether I was horseback riding through the mountains in Killarney or when I took a break from walking all day to sit on a lawn and stare up at one of the world’s most famous monuments known as the Eiffel tower. But for the most part, it was very exciting to see new places in the world in the company of some fantastic people.

Since I have the month of April off in order to “study” for exams in May, I have had loads of time to travel and even revisit some locations in both Ireland and Europe. One of my first and most favorite trips of the month was to Killarney all thanks to the Interstudy Program! We all got the opportunity to walk through the Gap of Dunloe, the weather was not perfect, but it is Ireland, nonetheless it was still a beautiful sight to see. As well as the walk, we were able to see the picturesque mountains and lakes of Killarney via horseback which is something I will never forget. It was sights and memories like this that will make me miss Ireland when I have to depart. I think this trip was one of my favorites because it was reflective on my view of Ireland. There did not seem to be a moment where I was not staring at something beautiful, or laughing with friendly people. Places like Killarney make me want to bolt my feet to the ground so they cannot make me leave. That, and the great people I’ve met throughout my experience is what will require me to return.
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