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Safrican Randomness


I thought I would devote a bit to the seemingly random activities I end up involved in here in Cape Town…what would life be like without the usual (very usual, in my case) randomness, hey? The thing I’ve realized since I’ve been here is that South African life, in all it’s wonder, excitement, and seemingly primitive nature at times, it is surprisingly familiar. As the mystery has worn off, the sense of home emerges. This is no longer a vacation; it is a lifestyle (perhaps a luxurious lifestyle, but yet I will count it as such). And what would “life” be like without the usual patterns and the moments that, although seem silly, make all the difference. When I leave South Africa, it’s not the beaches and shopping and sights that I will miss most; it is the life, my life. Here is a sneak peak into my “normal” life.

-Catching “chilled vibes” at Stones (a bar in observatory) on Wednesday nights.

-Spending Saturday mornings at the Old Biscuit Mill after a long run on the peninsula.

-Sitting on Jammie Steps before, during, and after lectures at UCT.

-“Studying” at the Clifton beaches after class.

-Spending Tuesday nights at my Safrican friends’ digs, catching up on youtube videos with their uncapped internet (can you say Rebecca Black “Friday”?).

-Driving to signal hill for sunset overlooking the coast of Cape Town.

-Attending a stormer’s rugby match.

-Seeing Michael Eaton, a biblical guru, speak at church.

-Getting dinner with the entire program at Pancho’s (what I called Nacho Libre, where my friend Mike works) for my friend’s birthday.

-Stalking Denzel and Ryan at the world cup stadium (they are filming a movie here called Safehouse).

-FINALLY cleaning my room (it took me almost 2 months to unpack fully).

-Taking empty minibuses to Springboks for Thursday jug nights.

-Hi-HIKING, HIKING, and MORE HIKING! Lion’s Head, Nursery Ravine, Skeleton’s Gorge, Table View, India Venster…

-Going on chow missions with my Safrican friend Dylan to Rock Sushi Thai and Rafiki’s for banana and avo pizza!

-Attending African dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays and laughing hysterically with the other many Americans in the class.

-Making pancakes (Safrican style) at 1 am at the digs of some of my friends and then attempting to stick them to the ceiling.

-Playing balderdash at home group. Threpterophilia: the obsession with female nurses. No one voted for that one.

-Going to play soccer with kids in 5-7 grade from the township of Khayelitsha, every Tuesday from 2-5.

-Staying up until 4 am talking and learning about each others’ lives.
-Debating prices to kirstenbosch gardens with cab drivers.
-Walking home from the grocery store barefoot with my books in one hand and my yoga mat in the other.
-Being late for class because I walk the long way across the plaza in order to stop and talk to too many people.
-Seeing the sunset behind table mountain everyday, no matter where I am.-Climbing table mountain at least once a week in order to wave to the people in the cable car as they pass by.

-Planning reunions and trips back in years to come.

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