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My Mom Visits


When parents come to visit, it usually means days of museums, tours, and fancy lunches, it usually means hotels and mature, censured conversations and saying goodbye to friends for a little family time. When Sarah Kass comes to visit, it means normal life plus one. My mom had a perception of Cape Town as The Africa of The Apartheid. Although the ramifications of that period in history unfortunately remain and affect Cape Town today, the city itself is a vibrant metropolis with the opportunities and wonders of a first world municipality. As you will see, the adventures we took part in were far from my mom’s expectations, yet, they still awed and surprised her with their uniqueness and variance from American culture…

Mom soon found that driving here is not quite like it is in the states, simple because of the fact that most rules don’t apply. Oh, and the whole driving on the left side of the road but on the right side of the car made a slight difference.

On Friday, we took a tour of Robben Island—what a testament to human strength, that museum is.

Saturday, I ran in the Two Oceans Half Marathon. From there, we went to the Old Biscuit Mill for breakfast and then drove to Stellenbosch for Church on Main Family Camp. It was lovely that my mom was able to meet and spend time with everyone.

Sunday, we woke up for the morning Easter service at Family Camp and stayed for tea and hot cross buns. Then we were off to go wine tasting for the day. In the rainy dreariness of the day, the wineries were all the more cozy.

Monday, we hiked table mountain in perhaps the worst hiking-table-mountain weather imaginable. That evening we made dinner for my friends’ digs (house) and went over early to prepare. The night was long and full of laughter. We ate and played games and worked hard to understand the mixture of South African, Zimbabwean, and American references.

Tuesday, we went to afternoon yoga and then to Food Lover’s Market for smoothies. Then I took mom on a tour of UCT. I forgot just how beautiful the campus is; I take it for granted after having trekked there 5 days a week for lectures. But, it is truly picturesque.

Wednesday, we went to morning tea at the Mount Nelson. It was refreshing to spend time just sitting and talking especially with such great company. Then my mom and I went paragliding. When we got to the landing spot, right by the shore, we promptly hiked back up to Lion’s Head and then hiked the mountain. By the time we descended the mountain, it was around 6, and I took my mom to Rafiki’s for some banana and avo pizza.

Thursday, we drove part of the peninsula tour, We drove along Chapman’s Peak Drive to Noordhoek Beach. That evening we went with friends to the Eastern Food Bazaarfor dinner. Note of caution: the portions=HUGE! We ate a lot. Enough said.

Friday, we woke early to hike up to Rhodes Memorial to watch the sunrise. Then we went to yoyoga. Then, Mike and I drove Mama Kass to the airport to say goodbye for a while…I hate goodbyes

It was a visit to remember to say the least, full of the unexpected and experiences so wild and yet so strangely familiar.


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