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Not Your Average Summer

Phones ringing, printers running and learning the tricks to a Mac. This is what my summer entails. Some people might think I’m crazy for signing up for this, yet instead of spending my time at the beach getting a tan that will fade away, I will be working at Interstudy; learning skills that will stick around much longer.

After much deliberation I knew I wanted to pursue a career in international education. (For all of you out there who haven’t come to an answer yet, don’t freak out.) Having just graduated this past May, the first question I am always asked by people is “ what are you looking to do with your degree?” Just picture all the funny looks I get when I tell people I majored in Biology.

Clearly I have a passion for science, (no one would go through the “torture” of organic chemistry if they didn’t have to), but there wasn’t a specific area I was enthusiastic about continuing in. With that in mind, I thought about what other passions I had. I could have been a professional coin collector or worked in a tourist shop that only sold keychains, but instead I thought about my love to travel.

I have had the opportunity to study abroad three times: Ireland, South Africa and Australia. Like many of you know or will soon find out, once you return from abroad you always want to go away again. Unfortunately, my schedule senior year didn’t allow for me to do that. Luckily there was a way to combat my sadness; live vicariously through other students who were embarking on their own study abroad adventure! As silly as this sounds, I realized that by being a study abroad advisor or working with a program provider I could make a difference in people’s lives while being able to include one of my favorite hobbies.

Having been at Interstudy for only a few days, I have learned a lot about the organization with heaps more to find out. Since I will only be here for the next few months, I hope to gain a better understanding of the entire process from what happens once a student fills out the application to sending the last email before departure. One goal I have for myself is to develop better phone skills and be able to answer questions or know who would have the right answer. So, if you have any questions don’t be shy and give me a call!

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