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Hamba Kahle, For Now

I’ve been home for three and a half weeks now, and sometimes I think that the five months I spent in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa was all some wonderful kind of dream. I mean, how could I have squeezed so much into so little time? Student teaching in a township, making tons of ceramics (which, by the way, were great gifts for friends and family) hiking into Lesotho, cage-diving with the Great Whites, doing the world’s highest bungee jump, hiking Table Mountain (twice) trail rides on horseback – this could not have been my life. But every now and then I wake up and think I’m back in the dorm at UKZN, or try to text a South African friend, and it dawns on me that it really did happen…I really did just have the most incredible experience!

And then I have to ask myself when I’ll be back. When will I smell Eucalyptus, see red earth, hang out with friends I made while there, eat potkie and phuthu, hear Zulu clicks and Hadidas, feel the Indian Ocean on my toes again? If ever?

It may be a long time, and I may lose contact with the people I’ve met, but the truth of the matter is that I loved South Africa so I will be back. And no matter what happens or where life takes me it will always be a part of me and neither time nor distance can take that away.

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