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In Retrospect

I’ve been back for a month now; it hardly feels like I’ve spent 28 nights in bed in Medford, but the calendar doesn’t lie I suppose. I’m standing on a crowded Monday morning T (subway). Its the usual clutter of professionals on their way to work, reading books and papers, listening to their ipods, and glued to their kindles. Of course, the T is delayed this morning, causing a bit of a silent panic, and you wouldn’t realize the tension unless you watched people’s legs fidgeting from my view in a valued seat among the standing train-goers.

Funny to think that my life one month ago was so drastically different in so many ways. I think back on those 5 months so fondly. It’s not that I wish I were there, because I know, at this point in my life, I belong at Tufts; this is where God has placed me. It’s that I wish, with every part of my being, that I could visit my life in Cape Town on one of my “highly valued” weekends or on a day off from work. I wish that I could see my friends there and explain to them how much they mean to me and how much more I understand that now that I’m not with them. It’s painful to think that I may never see them again, and, I must say, I struggle to cope with the idea of moving on from one’s abroad experience like so many people seem to do; if I lost touch with my life in Cape Town, I should think I’d lose touch with myself, since that life shaped who I am now.

So “how is it going?” Well, life is beautiful; I really am so blessed. I’m happy to be home and I am more than content with my new normal. And, more than ever I miss friends from CT, but in the best way possible.. I miss them because they made me the best version of myself, and I wish they were here to see how they’ve changed my American life.

Here’s to a new chapter. Cheers.

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