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Lesedi Cultural Village

Lesedi Cultural Village was established in 1993 in order to provide locals and tourists alike an experience of the traditional cultures of well-known African tribes — the Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa and Pedi that have occupied South Africa for centuries. Representatives of these tribes put valuable input into the design and creation of the cultural village that is meant to recreate not only the portrayal of the cultures and traditional ways of life of these tribes but to also allow for interaction with those visiting the village. As such, actual members of these historic communities all live at Lesedi. As part of the guided tour, I was able to sit in the hut of a Basotho, stare into the eyes of a Zulu warrior and dance with the beautiful women of the Xhosa tribe at the Boma where there was a wonderful show of traditional singing and dancing depicting stories that date back to the days of their ancestors. And, thanks to Interstudy! I was most certainly treated to a lavish Pan African Buffet in the Nyama Choma Restaurant – “The Greatest African Feast”! You don’t often see a Zulu or a Xhosa on the street in Johannesburg, so this trip was an educational experience I will never forget.

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