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A Day in London

When first arriving in London, I was desperate for a schedule. I think that having a schedule that I knew was a sort of comfort of home. The first week in London was tough because classes did not start for another week, and I was on my own, in a different country, by myself. Surely, when I had a schedule, all would be well.

Now what I should write is that the week after classes started, I had a schedule, and all was well. Most of that is true, except for having a set schedule… though I’m almost done with term and that schedule hasn’t yet happened for me yet, and I doubt it will. And that is one of the most exciting things about studying abroad. Yes, of course I attend class regularly. But take a day like yesterday, I attended class and then I took a train out to Windsor Castle for the afternoon. Or there was the day where I decided to go sightseeing around London for an afternoon after my morning class. It’s so cool telling people at home of all the adventures I get to have on what would seem like any normal day.

There have also been plenty of “typical” days where I have gone to my favorite coffee shop to study for hours or had to attend practice for the Badminton Society I joined. But still, I’ve made it a goal every day to try and see something new, even if its simply taking a different route to class. I think that is something interesting for me to take home with me as my journey begins to end, finding a way to make every day an adventure of its own.

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