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The Familiarly Unfamiliar

The magnitude of change is quite astonishing. After the emotional adjustment period, I asked myself “how could there be so much change in a familiar setting?” The metropolitan style of London is something that I am quite familiar with. Yet, socially- the city is another world. I could map out all the differences now, but I’ll save the blog some room! I spent a short time nit picking between things and just allowed myself to immerse in the social culture of this city.

There are many things that I miss about home, and I can bunch it into a simple phrase: Familiarity – the things that I have been constructed into knowing-. Still, I appreciate the majority of Americans willingness to meet new people. This is probably the one thing that lacks within the environment that I’m in.  Smaller things like food seasonings and sauces, but I still crave them.  Then there is the given: Familiar faces. I’m not sure if it’s just the affects of being in a new environment, but I’ll see a lot of people who look exactly like family and friends back home. This of course evokes me to make the awkward staring situation. Even with these many yearnings I must say that there are many things that I appreciate about the culture of London.

First being the vast amount of influence from other parts of the world. Many different foods, areas and social events that aren’t like anything else I’ve experienced. The overall tranquil feel of the city is something that I’ve come to love and know. In some cases the feel is reminiscent of the Jazzy Chicago. I’ve actually never felt this safe in an urban environment. Everyone has somewhere to be or something to do. This is probably the one thing that I would like for Minneapolis (In particular) to incorporate.

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