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Connecting with Irish Roots through Language

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, right? Whether we realize it or not, there are many words still used in American English that have an Irish origin – words like “galore”, “whiskey”, and “blarney”. Here’s an interesting BBC News clip about American students connecting with their Irish roots through language:

Many of Interstudy‘s programs in Ireland offer a more in depth look into the culture and history of Ireland. Through courses in Irish history, dance, music, art or language, you’ll find a connection to your Irish roots (even if you’re just Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!).

Contact Interstudy at for more information on courses like these:

University College Dublin
AH20010 Irish Painting This module aims to give students an introduction to Irish painting from 1640 to 1940. The work of Irish painters both at home and abroad will be examined and comparisons will be made with contemporary work in a European context. The early part of the course will explore 17th and early 18th century portraiture; followed by a review of the pupils of the Dub- lin Society Schools; Irish 18th c. landscape painters; the subject painting of James Barry, Irish Romanticism, Realism and the so called Irish Impressionists. The course will end with early 20th c. artists, like William Orpen, the Modernist painter Mainie Jellett and will conclude by looking at the work of Jack Yeats.

Trinity College Dublin
EN2038 Contemporary Irish Fiction This one-semester SF option introduces students to a range of contemporary Irish novelists. The course en- gages with theories of the novel and the contexts of recent prose fiction. Writers on the course include John Banville, John McGahern, Jennifer Johnston, Colm Tóibín, William Trevor, Anne Enright and Roddy Doyle.

University of Limerick
MD4052 Native Music and Dance Traditions of Ireland The early history of Irish dance reveals a constant shifting of population through migration and invasions. This course will discuss this trend in regards to traditional music and dance.

University College Cork
MU1V01F Introduction to Irish Traditional Music An introductory module, for visiting students, giving a broad overview of Irish traditional music. No prior ex- perience of studying music is required. The history and development of the music, and the various instruments used to play it, will be explored. Some of the most outstanding characters involved with the music, including innovators, performers and music collectors, will also be studied. Finally we will examine some of the most exciting modern-day developments within the music.

Have a safe and fun St. Paddy’s Day from Interstudy – Slainte!

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