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Learning In and Out of the Classroom


Before embarking on my study abroad experience in Ireland, I couldn’t wait to encounter the wonderful things in store for me: the new people, the new culture, the new food, the new WORLD. However, I have to admit, there was one thing I didn’t think a lot about. And that one thing is school. I was always excited to start classes at Trinity College Dublin; however, I didn’t expect it to be much different than my home university, University of Michigan.


I was wrong. Not only is the organization of Trinity very different than what I am used to, but the classes are structured very differently. Though it was hard to adjust  at first, I have successively adapted to my surroundings and have come to really appreciate the school. My favorite class I’m currently enrolled in is Irish History in the 20th Century. Though this is no doubt my hardest class (as I have absolutely no background in Irish history), it has proven to be the most fruitful. I have learned about a history that I likely would not have had access to had I not traveled to Ireland to study. Not only has it enriched my knowledge of a different country’s history, it has helped me to see my own country’s past and history from a much different perspective.


The class is no doubt intimidating but my classmates and professors have really helped me along the way and made it a positive experience. We feed off of each other’s own knowledge and help one another understand more than just one perspective.


I am thankful to be able to truthfully say that I have succeeded in learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Plus, what’s a better place to learn Irish history than on the streets of history-rich Dublin and inside the famous classrooms of Trinity College?

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