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Golfing Abroad, or Whatever You Please.

I don’t often watch golf on TV just for fun. Scratch that…I never watch golf on TV just for fun. So yesterday’s Easter Dinner with a few friends was a first when a friend tuned into the final minutes of the Master’s. We started watching just in time to see American, Bubba Watson and South African, Louis Oosthuizen, go into sudden death overtime to determine the winner. I must say sudden death overtime made things a bit more exciting! In the end, it was Watson who won the tournament, along with the fancy green jacket.

This got me thinking about all of the sport options available for our students to get involved in while abroad. There is of course, golf, with everywhere from the famous course in St. Andrews, Scotland, to some of the courses that Oosthuizen may have trained at around Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town.

If golf is not your game, there are plenty of other sports options open for study abroad students’ participation while abroad. We often hear that joining these clubs or societies create some of our students’ best memories – from climbing with the Outdoors Club, to playing a game of Badminton with the Badminton Team.

Sports are not the only way to get involved either. There are often a laundry list of student societies focused on just about every interest out there at each of our partner institutions. You will hear about these clubs and societies during your orientation at the beginning of the semester. Be sure to take note of where you would like to continue your interests while abroad, or maybe where you would like to try something new!

Here a few links to the clubs and societies at some of Interstudy‘s partner institutions:

National University of Ireland, Galway
Sports Clubs

University of Cape Town
Clubs and Societies

University of St Andrews
Sports Clubs

Queen’s University, Belfast
Clubs and Societies

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