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The Last of Ireland

As I lie in bed, unable to sleep the night before I return to the States, I think about what I’ll miss most about Ireland. When my Irish roommates asked me the question at dinner, I couldn’t give them an immediate answer.  The truth is I can’t pick out a few aspects of the country that I know I’ll long for once back in the States. Rather, it’s the whole Irish environment and character I’ll miss the most.

Ireland has an atmosphere I have experienced in no other country I have visited. It is lively, spirited, pleasant, and gentle. Though the city folk in Dublin are constantly on the go, you’ll rarely bump into someone without receiving a gentle pat on the back or a “sorry, luv” in return. The people’s good spirit is contagious and no matter what the time or day it may be, groups of men and women alike are having the craic and enjoying each other. The laid-back and gentle nature of the majority of people I have encountered in Ireland is something I have come to appreciate so much and surely will miss.

Traveling to other places during my semester abroad has only made me appreciate Ireland even more. Although I loved touring different cities, it never ceased to amaze me how I started to ache for my host country after only a few days traveling. Dublin truly feels like home and my Irish roommates like family. I’ll miss the good craic, hearty food, leprechaun look-a-likes, friendly baristas, scholarly professors, and green lands. Though I’m sad to leave, I now have a home in Ireland and I know I’ll be back.

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