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Goldfish: South Africa’s ‘Tour de Force’ in Music

What is the point of studying and/or traveling abroad to a foreign land without gaining an insight to the local cultural happenings? And what better universal medium than the great cultural common denominator of music?! So here is your first lesson into the growing and diverse South African music scene. Insert Goldfish, arguably South Africa‘s most prized musical creation praised for becoming,”One of the first acts to jump the great divide between dance and live excitement.”

With their genre-defying take on the electronic dance music scene, the duo has fans bouncing to their jazzy-funk-electronic-house music fusion across the world from their home town of the ‘Mother City’ (Cape Town), across the pond to Brazil, and even rocking festivals in Dubai! What set’s Goldfish apart is their one of a kind incorporation of organic instruments (i.e. saxophone, flute, stand-up bass) and live vocals behind their already unique style of DJing, giving birth to a refreshing new sound that has their fan-page growing by the second. Make sure to check out their website for tour updates, merchandise, etc. at, and keep an eye out for their return home to South Africa and throughout their European summer tour.

Here is s a little taste of what I’m talking about with their single ‘Fort Knox’ off the album Perception of Pacha. So sit back and immerse yourself into the chill vibes that is Goldfish and be sure to catch them live whenever possible, you won’t regret it!

P.S: Future UCT students; you’ll be pleased to hear these two graduated from the University of Cape Town, not bad company to be in at all!

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