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London Was Always a Dream

Three months from now I will be making a huge change…I will be moving to London! I got accepted to go to Goldsmiths, University of London! I am going for a full academic year (September to June) and I couldn’t be more excited! It is going to be a big change but I am more than ready!

I am excited to spend time in a city that I love! One thing that I can’t wait for is to be challenged. To be challenged in school and in personal life is something that I have been craving for awhile now. Going to London will push me and change me in so many ways.

I can’t wait to explore London (West End anyone?) and I can’t wait to explore other countries as well. I am excited to learn about different cultures and different ways to live. Oh did I mention I am excited not to drive anymore (cause I am!). I am hoping, no I am planning, on coming back more mature and I am planning on having a new view on life. I am ready to dive in head first and experience things that have only been a dream.

I know, logically, that there will be challenges. I will have to make a new set of friends, I will have to adjust. But that is the point of being young, taking on challenges and putting yourself out there. I could be cliche and say “you only live once” but in all reality it is true. I may miss some comforts that I have been used to, but that is all apart of the experience! To see the world and learn will be the best thing ever!

No matter what happens, no matter how I may be feeling while I am there, I am going to enjoy every second and take in each moment. Life is about to get very exciting and I am counting down the days!

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