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A Wonderfully Daunting Task

If I were a movie character, I would definitely be Dory of Finding Nemo. I can’t help but identify with her sense that there is always something more, her deep curiosity for the unfamiliar, and her zest for every adventure. While her cautious friend Marlin is always mentioning the dangers of their unfamiliar surroundings, Dory reminds him, “This is the ocean silly, we’re not the only two in here.”

While I’m not traveling to the depths of the ocean, I am preparing to embark on my own adventure to Durban, South Africa, a wonderfully daunting task. And, like Dory, I know that the comfort of my circle of friends and family is definitely not all that there is out there. I genuinely enjoy absorbing. I know that might sound funny, but it’s true. I’ve always loved the chance to listen to someone else’s thoughts, stories, beliefs, feelings, etc. I crave any opportunity to experience and think in ways I haven’t before. During the next few months, I get to meet lots of new people and learn about their own unique adventures. I’m eager for these opportunities and hope that I can take advantage of each one.

I am increasingly aware that it will often be difficult being away from everything that is familiar, but there are so many fantastic connections and relationships to be shared. I’m looking forward to numerous chances to see, hear, experience, and learn through the beautiful culture and people of South Africa.

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