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Britain and Ireland Bucket List

In just around a month’s time our students studying abroad in Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland will touch down and begin their journeys. So, just as we did for the incoming South African students, we at Interstudy have constructed a new ‘Road Less Traveled’ Bucket List, this time focusing on the UK/Ireland region.

From music festivals, to carnivals, to delicious food, this list will ensure our students’ full immersion into this historic region. Again, this is a rough list highlighting just a fraction of what this part of the world has to offer. Definitely try to check off everything on this bucket list, but be sure to add more for yourselves. Cheers!

1. Take a ride on the London Eye and get a bird’s eye view of the city

2. Enjoy High Tea at The Athenaeum Hotel

3. Visit the Scottish Highlands and solve the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster

4. Catch the cheese at the annual Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival

5. Go to a Barclay’s Premier League Futbol Match

6. Go for a curry at Tayyabs in East London

7. Get down on the Isle of Wight at the Bestival Music Festival

8. Take part in the Notting Hill Carnival- Europe’s largest street festival

9. Go for a ride in the Black Cab Tour of Belfast

10. Become one with the locals and enjoy some traditional Irish music at a pub in Galway

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