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Welcoming in the 2012 London Olympics

As London gears up to be on the World Stage of the 2012 Olympics, the country will be indeed flooded with tourists, athletes, and people from all corners of the globe. It goes without saying that the city is buzzing with anticipation and has a tangible energy that can only be brought forth from an event of this magnitude. The Olympic games are not simply about friendly competition, medal earning, or even national pride though. You could say they are a symbol, or even more so an example of the peaceful coexistence between cultures, regardless of the global conflicts and crises facing our world today.

This is something I learned first hand through my exposure to the FIFA World Cup in 2010, hosted by South Africa. Prior to my year abroad, I will admit I was no soccer fan. However, after being immersed into, and observing the overwhelming pride and energy being expelled from South Africans and fans from countless other countries, I realized these worldly events hold more weight than the simple goal of winning. Traditions such as the FIFA World Cup and the upcoming London 2012 Olympics highlight the best of what our world has to offer, transcending that of differences in race, nationality, skill or culture.

So when tuning into the London Olympics and appreciating the awe-inspiring spectacle of tonight’s opening ceremonies, future records to be broken, and stories of triumph, remember that beyond the friendly spirit of competition there is a deeper meaning that Olympics games symbolize.

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