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Realizations After a Semester in Cape Town

After four months in Cape Town, I realize that I have a terrible sense of humor. I stuck to my guns, but my guns apparently weren’t funny. This cuts me deep and is making me rethink things. I arrived in Cape Town in July and fell in love with this place instantly. The sprawling city, the diverse and interesting people (and their accents), the breath-taking scenery. Oh, and the bars and clubs. What’s not to love?

But my new love and I did hit a snag. The spotty Internet. The lack of good pizza. The accents. The culture that I sometimes struggled to feel connected to (Why are these football players wearing collared shirts and not shoulder pads?). I was waiting to get back to my old flame, the US.

Looking at the different parts my abroad experience allows me to pull it together. I didn’t come to love a new country or remember the love I had for an old one. I have come to love and miss the relationships I have made in both. I won’t miss the sights I saw from Upper Liesbeeck to Port Elizabeth, but the people I saw everything with and the stories we made along the way. And I don’t miss unlimited Internet or cell service, but the people on the other end I struggle to message and keep up with while I’m in South Africa. My time in Cape Town has shown me that my sense of home is not tied to a specific place, but resides in my feelings for the family and friends I have come to know.

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