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Celebrating Thanksgiving… Study Abroad Style

Thanksgiving might be the quintessential American holiday. Many of us have grown up with the smells of turkey, mashed potatoes, and fresh pies baking on this day of thanks. If you’re currently abroad, or are planning on studying abroad during the Fall semester, you might find yourself feeling nostalgic for home on Thanksgiving Day and wishing that you could wake up to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, watch some football, and fill yourself full of hearty foods until it’s time to take a nap.

You can still make the most of Thanksgiving during your time abroad, and you may even start some new traditions in the process. Here are some tips on making the best of Thanksgiving abroad:

1) If you are planning on cooking with your friends on Thanksgiving day, plan ahead! In some countries, where turkey is not a popular dinner meat, you may have to pre-order your bird.

2) Get together with other Americans who may be missing home as well to share your stories of Thanksgiving’s past. Even better, invite your friends from the country where you’re studying to join in on the festivities too. This is a great way to share cultural experiences!

3) If you have trouble finding the foods you’re used to having on Thanksgiving, don’t worry! Incorporating local foods into your Thanksgiving meal is a great way to have the “best of both worlds”. Next year you’ll remember your multicultural meal and maybe start including those items in future Thanksgiving meal too.

Happy Early Turkey Day!

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