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Not Your Average Summer

Phones ringing, printers running and learning the tricks to a Mac. This is what my summer entails. Some people might think I’m crazy for signing up for this, yet instead of spending my time at the beach getting a tan that will fade away, I will be working at Interstudy; learning skills that will stick around much longer.

After much deliberation I knew I wanted to pursue a career in international education. (For all of you out there who haven’t come to an answer yet, don’t freak out.) Having just graduated this past May, the first question I am always asked by people is “ what are you looking to do with your degree?” Just picture all the funny looks I get when I tell people I majored in Biology.

Clearly I have a passion for science, (no one would go through the “torture” of organic chemistry if they didn’t have to), but there wasn’t a specific area I was enthusiastic about continuing in. With that in mind, I thought about what other passions I had. I could have been a professional coin collector or worked in a tourist shop that only sold keychains, but instead I thought about my love to travel. Read more