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My Mom Visits


When parents come to visit, it usually means days of museums, tours, and fancy lunches, it usually means hotels and mature, censured conversations and saying goodbye to friends for a little family time. When Sarah Kass comes to visit, it means normal life plus one. My mom had a perception of Cape Town as The Africa of The Apartheid. Although the ramifications of that period in history unfortunately remain and affect Cape Town today, the city itself is a vibrant metropolis with the opportunities and wonders of a first world municipality. As you will see, the adventures we took part in were far from my mom’s expectations, yet, they still awed and surprised her with their uniqueness and variance from American culture… Read more

On the Move!

A big part of why I wanted to study in Europe was because it afforded me seemingly endless travel possibilities. So here I am two weeks into my three week Easter holiday with five countries and seven cities under my belt. Currently I am sitting in my hostel in Munich, Germany after what can only be called an absolute nightmare of a day but things are beginning to look up. In light of today, I would like to offer a list of traveling—one for every country I have visited so far: Read more