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Transport in SA

Only the affluent folks around here drive the b’mers and fancy cars, or take the 20 Rand per trip transportation on the newly launched Gautrain and bus. The new trains and buses are luxurious but still very limited in its service routes and time schedules. These modes of transportation are not feasible for the majority of South Africans, who use the cheaper taxis (usually an old minibus packed to capacity), or they wait for Metrobuses that may or may not arrive depending on the strike situation in town, or they walk very, very long distances or they stay at home…in township (informal settlement) Neverland, far, far away. Read more

On the Move!

A big part of why I wanted to study in Europe was because it afforded me seemingly endless travel possibilities. So here I am two weeks into my three week Easter holiday with five countries and seven cities under my belt. Currently I am sitting in my hostel in Munich, Germany after what can only be called an absolute nightmare of a day but things are beginning to look up. In light of today, I would like to offer a list of traveling—one for every country I have visited so far: Read more