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Not Camera Shy

NJ, our Assistant Resident Director in South Africa, has a FlipCam and know how to use it! He’s produced some show stopping videos like this one over the Fall Semester 2009…watch out Spring 2010 students – you’re next!

5 Things to Know Before You Go

I dug up some advice that we brainstormed earlier this year. For the students who are about to take off soon, here are 5 things to know before you go. For more advice also check out our YouTube page too!

1) Electricity – remember that many countries run on a different voltage than the US. If you’re bringing small appliances like hairdryers, etc, you may need to consider getting a voltage converter so that you don’t short out your appliance, or short-out a fuse in your accommodations. Alternatively, you could invest in a hair dryer once you arrive.
2) Jet lag – there are many theories for getting over the first few days of sluggishness upon arrival. A tried and true method is quite simple – change you watch/cell phone/computer clocks to local time as soon as you arrive so you’re not always thinking about what time you think it should be. During the day, stay awake, and get outside. The sun will actually help you get over jet lag. Drinks plenty of water and avoid too much caffeine.
3) Foods – of course there will be new foods that you’ve never had at home, but what about those foods that you may miss? At interstudy, we all agreed that we missed peanut butter while abroad. If you’re an addict (like us!), think about throwing a jar in your suitcase, or adding it too a “care package” list from friends or family.
4) Same things, new names – Looking for a Diet Coke? Try looking for Coca-Cola Light instead. It’s the same thing, just a different name. What other products do you find with different names?
5) School supplies – for the most part, it may be hard to find your typical college-ruled, spiral bound notebook while abroad. Many countries just having notebooks with graphing paper instead.

Past students, what would you add to this list? Reply in the comments!

In the News

Shot entirely in country, Invictus tells the story of a post-apartheid South Africa through the backdrop of a rugby championship. According to The New York Times, it’s “a movie that hits you squarely with its visceral impact and stays in your mind for a long time after.”

Taking It All In

This semester, students in the UK and Ireland went on a kayaking excursion to Middle (Muckross) Lake in Killarney, Ireland. I thought this picture just about sums up the experience!

View more about interstudy excursions and see pictures on our Facebook, Flickr or YouTube pages.

Returning Home

As students return home from the Fall semester, we’re excited to hear about their experiences!

Thanks to Katie for this beautiful picture from her hike to Wonder Valley. Katie says “One of my favorite adventures in South Africa would have to be an overnight backpacking trip with the UKZN Mountain Club. We hiked 10 kilometers to a rock overhang in Wonder Valley. I have never seen so many stars in my life, it was absolutely memorable.”

Look out for more student feedback on our website.

Program News: University College, Dublin

University College Dublin is now offering two new tracks for study abroad students: Law and Sports Management.

Many courses are open for study abroad students in both schools. Here are some sample module offerings:

Sports Management:

* Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
* Event Management
* Economics of Sport
* Sports Operational Management
* Communication and Media in Sport
* Sports Tourism
* Financial Management
* Principles of Exercise Management
* Applied Exercise Management
* Theory of Coaching
* Player Development and Welfare


* Law & Society e.g Criminal Justice, Environmental Law
* Law & Individual e.g Human Rights Law, Family & Child Law
* Law & Business e.g Intellectual Property, Commercial Law

Soccer (Or Football) Mania

World Cup drawings took place an hour ago. USA drew England, Algeria and Slovenia. Hype starts today for South Africa 2010!

A Sea of Papers

It’s great to have this new blog space up and running! Now we can keep you up to date on what’s going on in the office, or around the world with interstudy.

This week, it’s that crazy, hectic, time we call Visa application deadline week. We’ve gotten to know our mail delivery people well. Emily and I have been checking, double checking, scanning and filing all of the documents in preparation for sending them out to the consulates. Then, they’ll be sent out to NYC, Chicago and LA, depending on where you live. Cross our fingers that everything passes inspection at the consulate and then you’re on your way! Thanks to everyone for getting their documents in on time, and your patience through the process. The sea of papers is almost gone!

If you’re a prospective interstudy student reading this, Visa processing is just one of the many services that interstudy offers as part of your overall package. I’m sure current students can attest to the fact that it helps to have someone walking you through the application process along the way!