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There’s THREE Different Programs in Dublin?!


Yes, you heard correctly; there are three different programs in Dublin, Ireland! Interstudy has programs at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, University College Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin. You might ask why are there three different programs in one city? These three programs might be in the same city, but they could not be more unique from one another! Read more

Connecting with Irish Roots through Language

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, right? Whether we realize it or not, there are many words still used in American English that have an Irish origin – words like “galore”, “whiskey”, and “blarney”. Here’s an interesting BBC News clip about American students connecting with their Irish roots through language:

Many of Interstudy‘s programs in Ireland offer a more in depth look into the culture and history of Ireland. Through courses in Irish history, dance, music, art or language, you’ll find a connection to your Irish roots (even if you’re just Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!).

Contact Interstudy at for more information on courses like these: Read more

The Road Across the Pond

One may participate in a study abroad program for a variety of reasons. Perhaps because it is an excellent opportunity to learn about another culture, to find a vastly different perspective in the field they are studying, or simply because it can feel like being on vacation while working to further your education. All of these reasons apply to why I wished to study abroad at University College Dublin in Ireland, along with more personal reasons, such as having family in the Republic of Ireland, being a dual citizen of both the United States and the Republic, and my grandfather having graduated from this very University. With my natural excitement for what awaits me, I also fully understand the challenges I will likely face, and what I ultimately hope to gain from this experience. Read more

Happy Bloomsday!

Today Dublin celebrates the life of Irish writer, James Joyce by reliving the events of his famous novel, Ulysses, which took place on June 16th, 1904. Joyce’s alma mater, University College Dublin, is particularly excited to celebrate this day.

In honor of their famous alum, UCD established the department of Joycean Studies at the university. Study Abroad students are encouraged to look into these courses and other course offerings in the English department at UCD. Here are some sample English courses: Read more

Program News: University College, Dublin

University College Dublin is now offering two new tracks for study abroad students: Law and Sports Management.

Many courses are open for study abroad students in both schools. Here are some sample module offerings:

Sports Management:

* Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
* Event Management
* Economics of Sport
* Sports Operational Management
* Communication and Media in Sport
* Sports Tourism
* Financial Management
* Principles of Exercise Management
* Applied Exercise Management
* Theory of Coaching
* Player Development and Welfare


* Law & Society e.g Criminal Justice, Environmental Law
* Law & Individual e.g Human Rights Law, Family & Child Law
* Law & Business e.g Intellectual Property, Commercial Law