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We Want to Hear from YOU!



ISA, Interstudy‘s partner organization, has had an awesome student blog since 2009. The ISA student blog has served as an open forum for ISA students to explore all aspects of the study abroad experience through stories, photos, and other media, and will now serve the same purpose for Interstudy too! The goal of the blog is to help prospective students get an inside view of what life is like as an ISA/Interstudy participant so they can make an informed decision about which study abroad location best suits their academic and personal goals. Read more

We’re Back!


It’s been a while, but the Interstudy Blog is back in action! Like all of the little furry animals here in New England, we’ve been hibernating all winter, but have no fear… it is finally Spring and we are ready to blog again! Help us get back into the blogging world by subscribing to our blog! All you have to do is click FOLLOW and then you will receive email notifications when we post new blog posts. It’s as easy as that! If you love blogs so much, you can even subscribe to the blogs of our partner organization, ISA! There’s the ISA Study Abroad Student Blog and the ISA Today- Official Blog of ISA. Stay tuned for more blog posts!

Blog of the Week!, one of the leading resources for finding a study abroad program, has named us their “Blog of the Week”! They especially liked how we incorporate both the student and staff voice into our blog. We of course think that our student bloggers rock, so we’re glad they thought so too!

Thanks to for highlighting us this week! You can read their post here:

A Sea of Papers

It’s great to have this new blog space up and running! Now we can keep you up to date on what’s going on in the office, or around the world with interstudy.

This week, it’s that crazy, hectic, time we call Visa application deadline week. We’ve gotten to know our mail delivery people well. Emily and I have been checking, double checking, scanning and filing all of the documents in preparation for sending them out to the consulates. Then, they’ll be sent out to NYC, Chicago and LA, depending on where you live. Cross our fingers that everything passes inspection at the consulate and then you’re on your way! Thanks to everyone for getting their documents in on time, and your patience through the process. The sea of papers is almost gone!

If you’re a prospective interstudy student reading this, Visa processing is just one of the many services that interstudy offers as part of your overall package. I’m sure current students can attest to the fact that it helps to have someone walking you through the application process along the way!