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London’s East End

The East End of London is getting a lot of attention with the start of the 2012 Olympic Games.  Famous soccer player (ehem, footballer) and East London native, David Beckham, made a grand entrance during the opening ceremonies showing his pride for the neighborhood he grew up in.  As you probably have heard, in the not so recent past, the area was still in need of some “polishing”.  Even before the arrival of the Olympics, the East End started to get a facelift, and locals would tell you the neighborhood is well past the “up and coming” phase. Parks, arenas, and new roadways transformed London‘s East End in preparation for the Games. To top it off, a new Eurorail station brings visitors in and out of the East End to and from Paris and Brussels. Read more

Olympic Spirit

One year from today, the 2012 Olympic games will begin in London! Preparations for the games started in London years ago, as soon as the city won the bid to host the event. The updates made to the city for the games will last long after next summer too. Parks, arenas, and new roadways will transform London‘s East End. To top it off, a new Eurorail station will bring visitors in and out of the East End to and from Paris and Brussels!

In the heart of these exciting changes is Interstudy‘s partner university, Queen Mary, University of London. Queen Mary will be housing athletes on their campus during the games, and local students will have the opportunity to volunteer at the event. Study abroad students who are interested in volunteering at the games should complete their application for Spring semester as early as possible with Interstudy so you have time to arrange for housing after the semester ends, and to apply for a Tier 4 Visa. Please contact Interstudy if you have any questions. To start your application for Queen Mary, University of London, or any of Interstudy‘s other program locations in London or beyond, visit and click on Apply Now!

Dia huit! Bienvenida! Bonjour!

In the four months that I have been abroad, I have had the opportunity to see and experience many places throughout Europe. I have walked among the rolling hills and breath taking mountains of Ireland. I “segwayed” my way through the streets of Granada in Spain, and I have even been underneath the streets of Paris to walk through a kilometer of catacombs filled with thousands of skulls and bones. Sometimes it was stressful booking tickets, or getting to whichever station on time. Other times it was relaxing whether I was horseback riding through the mountains in Killarney or when I took a break from walking all day to sit on a lawn and stare up at one of the world’s most famous monuments known as the Eiffel tower. But for the most part, it was very exciting to see new places in the world in the company of some fantastic people. Read more

More Than the 6 Months You’re Gone

Google’s Superbowl Ad demonstrates the power of study abroad.