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Right Before My Eyes!!

London, UK is revered as the global city and is known for its abundant amount of immigration. This is one of the main aspects that drew me to the city for my study abroad experience. I hope to be able to indulge myself within the many cultures that London embodies and force myself to let go of the Americanized perception: We Are the Greatest Nation. Giving in on this selfish idea and being exposed to a different idea, like growing and maturing in a place that is constantly changing.

With London being on the brink of the 2012 Olympics, the change will be even more rapid. This constant change will be an opportunity for me to see (with my own eyes) the positive and negative affects of this event being held here, and hear the thoughts of the people. I’m sure I will have the basic mental challenges that any study abroad student endured while they were away from home. Other challenges like adjusting to a new social culture along with all of the other sub-cultures will be an interesting and humbling challenge as well. Still I look forward to all of these adversities. When it’s all said and done, I hope to gain knowledge, and gain the ability to adapt while staying true to myself.

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