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Another Place, Another End but I’ll Hold On…

So a question I’ve been hearing a lot is “Are you ready to go home?” The answer unfortunately isn’t that easy to give. On so many levels I’m not done with this place—the people, the traveling, the experience. But it has made me realize some important things about the US.

I will always be tied to the US because that’s where not only my family is, but also where I was shaped into the person I am today. Not saying that living here in Belfast hasn’t also shaped me, but my foundation, as a person, was built in the US. So as much as I love this city and this country, it will probably never bear the same sort of attachments as the US.

Having said that, Belfast has become home over the past four months and above all else the people made that possible. The fact that they made me feel so at home here, to the point where I don’t want to leave to go home, is just a nod to the type of people they are. They are probably the friendliest people on earth and always available to chat when you need to talk to someone, day or night—no joke I have had some crazy late night banter with my flat mates. I will also miss that they’re always up for anything—an impromptu pub-crawl, game of football in the common room, or just late night pancakes. Without these people, I am sure this experience would not have been as rewarding as it has been.

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