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Happy Bloomsday!

Today Dublin celebrates the life of Irish writer, James Joyce by reliving the events of his famous novel, Ulysses, which took place on June 16th, 1904. Joyce’s alma mater, University College Dublin, is particularly excited to celebrate this day.

In honor of their famous alum, UCD established the department of Joycean Studies at the university. Study Abroad students are encouraged to look into these courses and other course offerings in the English department at UCD. Here are some sample English courses:

Reading Joyce
This seminar is both an introduction and a comprehensive survey of Joyce’s oeuvre. We will explore the proposition that all of Joyce’s books together constitute one integral and coherent work. With close readings of the text, the seminar will focus on consistent themes and issues in Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake; such as: the relationship between an ostensibly realistic surface narrative and its symbolic form as well as the foundational role of language in history, politics, society and art.

Reading the Story of Ireland: Irish Literature in English
This course will focus on the operations of narrative in modern Irish literature and drama from the nineteenth century to the present. Of particular importance will be the role of writers in the construction of powerful narratives of national identity at key moments in Irish history, and the subsequent interrogation of them by later generations of Irish writers. The preoccupation with the act of storytelling itself within Irish writing will also be explored. Students will be encouraged to engage in detail with the primary texts and to explore a range of theoretical issues in relation to narrative, postcoloniality, feminism and cultural materialism.

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