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Interstudy and ISA Announce Strategic Partnership

Today, Interstudy is pleased to report that we have formed a strategic partnership with International Studies Abroad (ISA), based in Austin, Texas. ISA is one of the largest study abroad providers in the United States.

ISA is known for the on-site support services they provide, and the strategic partnership will provide enhanced support services for students studying with Interstudy, as well as additional resources for Interstudy programs.

Mr. Gustavo Artaza will become President and Chief Executive Officer of ISA/Interstudy. Mr. Robert Collins, Executive Director and founder of Interstudy, will continue to work with both organizations throughout the transitional period.

“This strategic partnership allows ISA to offer more diverse study abroad options to students and partner institutions,” said Artaza. “ISA and Interstudy complement one another, and we look forward to working with an established program provider with more than 30 years of experience in the field. This partnership will strengthen our existing networks abroad, and by offering new locations, will enhance ISA’s program options for years to come.”

To learn more about Interstudy, visit our website at
To find out more about our new strategic partner, ISA, visit

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